Businesses are implementing content marketing to grow the company’s customer base. To maintain the quality and the frequency on a high level, the company’s communication department has not enough capacity. Building a dedicated team can turn out to be very expensive or at some degree, if money is not an issue, to be ineffective. Content curation is the key to help these companies to establish content marketing in an organic way. That’s where people like you, with your personal brand and your blogging skills and your troops of followers will make the difference.

Whether your job is at risk or you would like to give your career a boost, managing a high quality content blog will help you to make the difference and stand out from the crowd. As more and more companies need targeted content to stay visible and continue to grow their leads and company growth, they are especially sensitive to those intrapreneurs who know how to spread the word and attract thousands of followers through their social networks.

“On the whole, you are better off becoming an intrapreneur in your organisation. Not only will it add remarkable value to the company but it will also qualify you for a maximum yearend bonus, pay raise or even a promotion.” Michael Michalis on CareerAddict

Businesses establishing content marketing as part of their Digital HR strategy more and more empower employees who manage their own blogging and know how to attract loyal readers followers by their personal brand. Like Nina Mufleh who succeeded to grab the attention of the CEO of airbnb, Alice Ko had a similar experience:

“To make a long story short, the founders were ‘alerted’ to my story via social media, the CEO and I ended up on a coffee date, and shortly after, I was the newest member of the Wantering marketing team.” Alice Ko 

Whether you would like to boost your career within your company or you are looking for new opportunities, your personal brand and your blog will help you and your company in a perfect symbiosis. If you would like to read on about the subject there is an article from Alice KO for @skillrush where she described how she succeeded her way to blog to her dream-job. You will also learn what’s in it for you. Feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts I am always happy to gather your feedback.

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