Social Network Branding can really help you as individual or your small company to get more visibility. Big corporations have the power to put incredible budgets on the table to integrate a coherent online media strategy to their existing mass media communication campaigns. The good news is that smaller companies can, thanks to the opportunities made possible by the social networks, to increase their visibility, to get to better know their customers by establishing direct links with them.

One of the first rules you learn when you study marketing is the KYC. “Know Your Customer” is one of the great benefits you will get out if you learn to master Social Branding. You will have a direct link to your customers in real time and this enables you to directly and constantly communicate with your clients. This will give you an unlimited and unbiased feedback about your products and the quality of the services you or your company delivers. You just have to learn to listen to them.

Customers love brands. Even if you cannot achieve to get to the level of a Nike, Coka Cola, L’Oreal and other big global brands, I still have good news for you. Clients get so used and formatted to orient themselves through brands when they decide to choose a product to put in their caddy while they are shopping, that this “orientation reflex” plays also in your favor. People have less and less time and it is easier for them to find a guide they can trust when it comes to chose a product.

In a foreign country where you lose your bearings because you don’t speak the language, you don’t know the location, brands provide you as a customer an easy choice without risks. Once you know by experience that the products provided by a brand fit your taste or your need, you will have it very easy to become a repeat customer. This will save you time and you will have the feeling you escape the risk to make a bad choice.

Would you invite your guests to a restaurant you know, because you go there regularly and you know the food and the service is of perfect quality or would you take the risk to invite your family and friends to a new location you have never been before ? If you want to lower the risk and to ensure a perfect diner in town you would probably stick to the restaurant you know or the one which is commonly known by word of mouth to be the place in town. This is an everyday example demonstrating  the power of the brand.

You can directly benefit from this. You can today, with the tools and the distribution channels available to you, build your brand and start making your products and services a first choice for your customers. I don’t claim this will happen over night. It will take some time and resources and you will have to build it by and by. More and more tools are available to you to help you to concentrate on the most important elements: providing the best value to your customers in a dedicated customer centric way.

The Basic Elements

– Engaging with people directly will create social networking branding much simpler.
– If you have only limited marketing resources focus on  the free platforms Twitter, Facebook and Blogger.
– Today creating your own high quality standard blog should be possible even if you are an individual or a small company
– Link your blog articles to different social media sites, this will drive traffic to your blog
– Write SEO compatible content to make it searchable by the crawlers from Google
– Cross post content to the major platforms. This will give your content and brand a maximized exposure
– Automate your blog as much as possible for SEO and Content cross posting to keep costs and resources under control
– Write copy proof material and offer your content to local newspapers or blogs to leverage your visiblity
– If your time is limited really focus on the essential
– Twitter for example is a good way to start as it requires only very short form content production
– To complement your marketing efforts , investing some cash in Facebook ads or Adsense could help to give you a boost, while limiting the risks of your investment as you can control the amount of cash you would like to spend

If you would like to read on about the subject there is one article from Kevin Dreefs at Article Zone I would like to recommend. Feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts.

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