Today 21 April 2015 is the last chance for you to make your website mobile friendly. If you don’t react from now on Google will ignore you. No need to tell you that this will impact all websites online with a slight difference that major media companies and bigger corporations have had the budgets and the resources to provide their users a mobile version of their website. Google was fair enough to announce it gradually a few months ago, so that it should be of no surprise for anyone. Did you miss it ? Then read on.

Rather than pinpointing the negative aspects and the fact for the smaller companies and entrepreneurs, I would rather focus on the immediate benefits this upgrade can offer. Of course small companies will have to  spend a big share of their 2015 IT budget to build a new mobile version of their website, on top or adapt their existing website to responsive design. On the other side there are many upsides for smaller companies to trigger these investments.

The tech giant is changing its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites. Knowing that more and more people browse the internet on the go, searching for the right answer to their query it is only normal that Google does not like websites which are not optimised for mobile browsing. Google is simple to understand. They want their customers, you, to find an answer to your question the most accurate way with as less clicks as possible. This means they want you to grant you 100% satisfaction of their service in the most efficient and effective way.

If you follow the rules you can only benefit from the new algorithm Google is imposing upon you by adapting your website by upgrading the code to responsive design. First, you will be friends again with the most powerful search engine of any times and secondly your audience will get a better service with an optimised surfing experience when they surf your website with a mobile device or a tablet. In my humble opinion this upgrade should be a major priority on your to-do list  if you want to run a successful web-presence. Small companies and entrepreneurs, this is the occasion again to grow your visibility over night. Do it today, rather than tomorrow.

If you would like to read on about the subject there is one article from Illian d’Onforo  from Business Insider I would like to recommend. See also the article of Jarred Lynch on the same topic at Business Insider. Feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts I am always happy to gather your feedback.

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