As every social platform you have to know about the basic principles and the way it works. This is not different with LinkedIn. In this post we address some simple and I would even say trivial basics which are often forgotten or not known. They could help you to really boost your visibility and authority. If applied correctly and consistently, following these principles  can bring the desired benefits the same week you start. It is very rewarding and will motivate you to put more time and quality in it. Many books have been written about how to use LinkedIn effectively. By browsing Amazon you will surely find a range of very good books on the subject. Soon we will publish our Top 10 of the best books we would recommend you to read. Start today, go on the fast-lane and apply the few simple steps we describe today and be successful by promoting yourself on LinkedIn.

Here below you will see a list of some basics you could check. In case you would find out that you don’t apply any of these basic elements to give you more visibility on LinkedIn, you can change that with very low efforts an invested time. If you need the visibility, especially if you are unemployed and you would like employers and headhunters to get aware of your person, you just have to and the small amount of time to invest to get it right will pay off.

The Elements in a Nutshell

– Subscribe to groups relevant to your industry you are interested in to find a job
– Be present in small as well as in bigger groups, the big groups will fuel with more information and the small ones will bring you visibility, no need to explain to you, you need both
– Take care about what you post to the groups, be professional
– Try to develop to be a valued contributor to the group which will develop your authority over time
– Be natural and authentic, don’t over-promote your products, company or yourself
– Start your own discussions and promote yourself as a moderator
– To get the conversation going: ask questions and involve your audience in sharing their opinions and thoughts
– Post regularly high added value articles for your audience

Very powerful

– Cross link your LinkedIn posts to other Social Media platforms to get other people involved to share their thoughts

If you would like to read on about the subject there is one article from  for The Muse I would like to recommend. Feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts.

I wish you good luck and to be hunted by your favorite companies and most renowned headhunters.

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