The purpose of content marketing is to bind customers to your company by convincing them of your products and services through valuable, value-added content. Even better if this content is produced from one of your employees, running his personal blog and promoting your products and services in a non-intrusive and “objective” way. Content Marketing cannot be dissociated with with online marketing. If they are two separate things, they work together in symbiosis.  Content will co-determine the future of successful marketing. Did not all major media groups in this world recognise very early stage that “content is king” ?

In this post I propose to address best practice recommendations for Social Media, to ensure a more efficient and more effective content marketing with the goal to drive the return on invest. Even if “A list of ingredients doesn’t make someone a chef.”, observing a few basic rules will magnify your invest in content marketing and turn into measurable tangible and intangible benefits.

  • Segment your audience and its behaviour
    Prepare specific content for the various targets and niches you address.
  • Timing is everything
    To reach your target audience you should think about what time you should post the content.
  • Make your content searchable and sociable
    Strive for good ranking within search engines by maximising SEO techniques and share among social platforms.
  • Make it easy for the audience
    Less is more, don’t overload, deliver quality and value and respect your audience’s time budget.
  • A/B Test your content and your campaigns
    Analytics and tracing what works is important to make your content efforts bring the best return.
  • Post specific messages per platform
    Every platform has its own rules you should observe to make a hit. Use common denominator content factors if you push content in an automated way to many platforms.
  • Garner some Links
    High quality link backs to your site, is what will propel your website audience to the top, invest some  time to liaise with siblings.
  • Optimize for mobile
    We addressed this several times, Google wants the best experience for their mobile users and so should you. Google just recently changed their algorithm and if you wish to remain visible you better adapt your website to be mobile friendly.
  • Good content supplies a demand and should be linkable
    Propose contents which requested by your target audience, do your homework and some research. This an obvious one but often forgotten, how should anyone and/or Google find you without your content being linkable.
  • Repurpose great content
    Being effective also means repurposing some content a few times or in another form for other platforms. As an example, the same content posted on Twitter every 6 hours will hardly be noticed by your audience as a repeat post. But by using different timing and different hashtags you will maximise your visibility.

You see, it is not rocket-science. If you just apply some basic common sense rules, you can make your content marketing work for you even if you don’t have that much time available or budgets for big dedicated teams.

If you would like to read on about the subject please follow the link to this article posted at Entrepreneur from Mel Carson @MelCarson, Founder and Principal Strategist at Delightful Communications.  Feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts I am always happy to gather your feedback.

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