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The purpose of content marketing is to bind customers to your company by convincing them of your products and services through valuable, value-added content. Even better if this content is produced from one of your employees, running his personal blog and promoting your products and services in a non-intrusive and “objective” way. Content Marketing cannot be dissociated with with online marketing. If they are two separate things, they work together in symbiosis.  Content will co-determine the future of successful marketing. Did not all major media groups in this world recognise very early stage that “content is king” ?

In this post I propose to address best practice recommendations for Social Media, to ensure a more efficient and more effective content marketing with the goal to drive the return on invest. Even if “A list of ingredients doesn’t make someone a chef.”, observing a few basic rules will magnify your invest in content marketing and turn into measurable tangible and intangible benefits.

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