As Carrie Morgan SEO & Social Media Consultant, Speaker and Author of the Book “Above the Noise” explains very well ¬†it is of highest importance ever, to build your own platform. The exponential speed at which the innovation goes will give you no guarantee that the existing social media platforms you are investing your time and your money in today will still be there … tomorrow.

“What happens if the leading social media platforms vanished tomorrow.Would your business survive?”

We see innovation and disruptive new technologies changing the rules on a daily basis. Strategic Merger & Acquisitions absorb brands and make massive platforms disappear like hit by a Tsunami. Sometimes big corporations buy technology and platforms to better control them, integrate them and sometimes make them disappear within seconds to eliminate a competitor from the market. If a new product from a company does not deliver the expected return for its shareholders, more than ever, the  survival of the product or in this case the social media platform will be abandoned with a simple majority approval from the board. This has been seen hundreds of times in the last decade.

Let us assume you have posted your CV’s and Resumes to major platforms like LinkedIn and Xing. First I would like to tell you that you did you great. As of today even top executives miss out to do so. But this is not the subject of todays post. If you invested a lot of time to maintain your profiles on third party platforms it would be a disaster for you if the content and the assets you have built would disappear nearly over night.


The question is not whether you think “change and innovation” this is a good or a bad thing. Things change, the world innovates constantly which is to the greater benefit to all of us. That’s life and generally speaking it brings us forward.

But how can you be confident in a constant changing game that your invested dollars will not fade away ? How can you be certain that you stil can reach your audience tomorrow ? The answer is to:

“Protect your assets by building your own platform … Now !

Read on in Carrie Morgan’s post and feel free to drop me a line about the subject.

“Today’s Google+ Changes Reinforce Importance of Owned Media” by @morgancarrie on @LinkedIn

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